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Coming home for Christmas goes from holiday cheer to the absolute worst when ex-besties collide.

Monique Lovelace plans to go to Memphis to help her parents downsize and celebrate the last Christmas in her childhood home. But an accident, an encounter with Alex, an ex-friend who ghosted her, and recruitment for a festival were not on her agenda.

Alex Patterson never thought he'd see Monique again and make amends for walking away from their friendship without an explanation. So, when they are paired up for the Merry Memphis Christmas Festival, he believes it’s a God-given chance to make amends.

In five short days, Monique’s vacation goes from bad to the absolute worst. But when the spirit of Christmas and meddling family members conspire, Monique and Alex must confront their past.

Friendship and forgiveness are gifts not tucked under a tree. But are ten years apart and unspoken hurts too much to heal. Or could the spirit of Christmas weave its magic, and offer a chance at forgiveness and love that they never saw coming?

Best Worst Christmas Ever is a dual POV, enemies-to-more, second opportunity for a first chance at love, inspirational romance.

Best Worst Christmas Ever by Marie Hobbs

Unexpected Love Series

The Unexpected Love Series is a Christian Romance featuring sister-friends who find love later in life. Each story is a standalone with friendship, humor, and strong men who challenge their plans for life and love.

Unexpected Love Series

Love Next Door

Melody’s life is almost perfect. Graduate school, nursing, and now dating thanks to a good old-fashioned girlfriend's challenge. But what they don’t know is Melody has already found the perfect man.

Miguel’s the perfect neighbor. He checks the oil in Melody’s car, he hangs pictures on the walls, and he handles the “Honey Do” List. But what he can’t handle is another failed attempt at love, even though he thinks Melody is the perfect woman.

Two years as neighbors and friends is disrupted by a date (finally) gone right. Will Melody hold on to the dream that love is next door or move forward with a man willing and ready to give her forever?

Unexpected Love Series

Better Than Good

Dr. Kristen L. Harrison’s life is good. Loving family, amazing friends, and tenure is one service project away. All according to her plan. But a Friday night outing with her best friend reminds Kristen of the one thing she hasn’t been successful at…love.

Eric Davenport has his eyes on the senior consultant promotion. His next project should be the final step to having more control over his travel and work schedule. However, he doesn’t expect to meet the woman of his dreams at a game night. Nor for the mystery woman to be his new client.

Kristen cannot afford to get sidetracked. After years of failed relationships and unfulfilled dreams, she’s sure that love is not in her life plan. But tenure is. So, she devises a plan to keep Eric at arm’s length while she fights her growing attraction to him. But is she preserving her happiness or missing out on something better than good?

Better Than Good by Maria Hobbs


Marie Hobbs is an avid reader and emerging author of inspirational romance. She has been creating stories in her mind even before she could write. She credits her mother for her love of reading and writing. Her mother encouraged reading, writing, and creativity by reading bedtime stories to her and her siblings, taking her to library book sales, and walking with her to the bookmobile in the summer. Now, Marie has the opportunity to share stories that will encourage, inspire, and entertain others the way she was.

Marie lives in the Atlanta, GA area and loves laughing and talking with her family, taking girls’ trips with her sister-friends, teaching Kangoo Power classes, and spoiling her goddaughter and nephew.

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